Plantar Fasciitis Exercises

Exercise Video 1

This video will show you 3 simple stretches that you can do in the home with no equipment needed other than a wall and room to stretch. The video has been produced by James Dunne a fitness coach and sports rehab therapist from the UK. Here he explains the importance of the plantar fascia tissue and ways to safely stretch when suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Exercise Video 2

This video will show you a few simple exercises that you can do using regular household items. The video has been produced by Ask Doctor Jo, a licensed physical therapist and doctor of physical therapy, that has over 29 Million views on her Youtube channel.

Exercise Video 3

This video is a self massage video designed for you to massage the foot in such a way as to ease the tension on the plantar fascia tissue. The video has been produced by Rachel Richards who is a licensed massage therapist in New York State USA.


Taping Video 1

This quick and simple taping technique will give support to your foot arch. The tape used is LeukotapeOpens in a new tab. and can be found in our Recommended Products Page. The video was produced by Krystle Kempen on Youtube.

Plantar Fascia Foot Stretcher / Rocker

For those of you that have difficulty fitting in your essential foot stretching exercises, this handy gadget is recommended by many fellow sufferers. It can be purchased here from Amazon.Opens in a new tab.