Compression Socks

Compression socks or sleeves are used to help with plantar fasciitis by reducing swelling, increasing circulation and arch support.

Areas of Benefit from Compression Socks Include


Improved blood flow & increased oxygen levels to the sore area


Providing arch support to relieve stress on the plantar fascia


Reduces swelling and inflammation to the affected area

Here are the top 3 recommended Compression Socks

SB SoxOpens in a new tab.

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Benefits Include:

◆Moisture Wicking Fabric keeps feet dry

◆Lightweight heel comfortable with shoes

◆Elastic opening ensures secure fit

◆Targeted ribbing relieves plantar fasciitis pain

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Bitly SleevesOpens in a new tab.

Immediate foot relief when you need it fast

  • Very Comfortable for All Day Wear
  • Great Support Socks for Exercising, Pregnancy, & Standing for Long Period of Time
  • Gives Pain Relief for Foot Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Ankle Pain, & Heel Spurs
  • Can be Worn Morning & Night to Reduce Pain & Inflammation
  • Extremely Breathable & Fast Drying Fabric
  • Easy to Take Off & Put Back On
  • Provides Arch Support
  • Designed in the USA with Interlocked Stitching
  • Machine Washable & Dryer Safe

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CompressionzOpens in a new tab.

Our ankle compression sleeve is doctor recommended foot support.

Benefits Include:

  • Relieve Pain – Targeted compression and support provides podiatrist recommended pain relief for arch, ankle, and heel.
  • Boost Circulation – Enhanced blood flow aids in the recovery process of plantar fasciitis, sprains, and general foot swelling.
  • Reduce Swelling – Localized pressure reduces inflammation in foot and ankle to speed recovery times.
  • Recover Faster – CompressionZ foot sleeves increase blood flow to the feet to help you recover faster.
  • Increase Foot Stability – Enhances foot stability, allowing you the freedom to run, walk, or jump without experiencing the full force of dynamic movements.

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